Termite Treatment

How to control termites? This is the main question which is asked by almost everyone in Karachi because termites are big problems in homes and offices. First of all, keep in your mind that if you have a colony of termite present at your home then don’t be panic. On that condition, you just contact our professional team of termite treatment. We have qualified experts that can locate and even destroy the colony of termites by using competent processes suitable for your requirements.

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There are different DIY methods you can apply on the colony of termites; the only advantage of getting professional help is that you are sure about the elimination of termites.

Termites are the serious catastrophe for your homes and offices. Specially furniture and other items made from wood. Either it is the wall of your house, corners or foundation. They are the enemies of every wooden item.

Signs of Termites :

  • Termites are usually found in dark and humid surroundings, here are few signs which are evidence for the termite colony in your house.
  • Your wooden furniture may start giving hollow sound when tapped, termite live in dark places so they eat up wood.
  • You can find discarded wings of flying insects in your house; termites take flight for the purpose of reproduction.
  • The paint on wooden surfaces is cracked or opened at different places is an evidence for the presence of termites.
  • Termites leave their mark in form of mud tubes, these mud tubes are commonly found on the walls of your house or the foundation of your house.
  • The dropping of termites is called frass; the presence of frass is a solid evidence for existence of termites.

Vetgen is the most trusted name in termite treatment. We have been providing the best termite killer products for 10 years and we have a wide range of our happily satisfied clients. Our termite control products have very reasonable cost that is affordable for everyone in Karachi.


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