Dengue Fever and Its Precautions

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Dengue Fever and Its Precautions

Dengue fever is a kind of fever that is caused by a family of viruses spread from mosquitoes. It is a dangerous disease which becomes the cause of thousands of deaths in Pakistan. The reason of death is not that this disease is immedicable. It is because majority of the people doesn’t have knowledge about dengue, its cure and precautions.

Dengue is transferred from a kind of mosquito named Aedes into humans. The fever is really painful and grievous. Its symptoms cause severe muscle and joint pain, fever, headache, rashes and exhaust. There is a special care required for dengue fever because there is no specific medicine or antibiotic has been invented do far. So, it is mandatory to apply precautions to keep yourself safe from that dangerous disease.

The pain which you feel in your body and illness last about one to two weeks. According to the facts and figures, each year, there are 390 million dengue infections occur worldwide. Mostly in the areas of:
• India
• Pakistan
• Southeast Asia
• Southern China
• Taiwan
• The Pacific Islands
• Africa
• Mexico
• Central and South America (except Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina)

For precautions, you should apply dengue spray at your home, office and even in vicinity too. Vetgen really cares about you regarding and the company is really worried about the rising danger of dengue fever in Karachi, which is the biggest city of Pakistan. That’s why the company took serious steps to prevent the people of the city from dengue. Vetgen got some very good spray of dengue which everyone can use as precautions at his home or anywhere else. For complete dengue mosquito control, Vetgen has remarkable tries to prevent Karachi city from dengue which is a rising danger nowadays for the city. So, kindly apply pre-methods to get rid of dengue otherwise its treatment is really tough and painful.


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