Livestock is a major source of production in Pakistan. Either you have poultry farms, dairy farms, or any other type of livestock, you definitely face many kinds of pests that become the cause of serious hurdles for you. Vetgen is one of the best livestock pest control service providers in Pakistan whose motive is the safety of your livestock. Actually livestock pest control is necessary because it is directly related to our food. The major issues regarding food safety are:

  • Bacterial contamination
  • Pesticides in food (generally related to crops)
  • Drugs residues in food
  • Genetic engineering
  • Contamination of food by processors

Vetgen has a variety of products which you can buy to keep your livestock clean from any type of viruses, pests and others. We have sprays, foggers, traps, etc. to control insects from your farms and make your business safe from pests. Livestock fumigation is necessary because these pests and parasites feed on the blood, skin, hair, of animals and wound them. If they bite them, it causes serious physical and mental health issues. Due to these pests, animals have some common symptoms such as blood loss, slow growth, fatigue and malnutrition.

This is the quality of Vetgen that our one product can control more than one pest. These pests are so annoying and actually can reduce the weight of your cattle. Either they are flies, lices, mites, ticks or blister beetles, we have the ultimate solution to kill them all.


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