Dengue Spray


Mosquitoes are considered to be quite irritating because of their flying capability. Mosquitoes are very painful and annoying, many times you manage to kill or swat mosquitoes but still next time you see more of them flying and roaming in your house. There are many facts which you don’t know about mosquitoes, they just need 6 to 10 days to grow from egg to adult. Their production is accelerated near the stagnant water, because it easy to get feed for the larvae. Dark colors are source of attraction for mosquitoes. Normal time for mosquito bite is usually dawn or dusk; but sometimes you are unlucky and you are attacked on both times because it is their feeding time.

Mosquitoes cause for many dangerous diseases such as Malaria and Dengue. As mosquitoes are the real threat for your life, Vetgen understands the importance of your safety and offers mosquitoes pest control services for commercial purposes. For the past 10 years, we are striving to reduce the population of mosquitoes around your home and other recreational areas through our dengue prevention and control services. Why the people of Karachi choose Vetgen for dengue and other odourless mosquito spray? Because:

  • Our dengue mosquitoes control sprays kill mosquitoes at very early stage of their production.
  • Our quality fogging treatment for immediate comfort against mosquitoes.
  • Vetgen offers dengue spray at a very reasonable cost which no one is providing in Karachi city.
  • We have technology to treat water tanks & potable water sources without contamination.


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