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How To Control Rodents?

Rodents are intelligent and social animals. They can jump, swim and climb, and prefer to move, under the cover of darkness and have strong tendency to burrow and breed quickly. Keeping these tendencies of Rodents / Rats, we suggest two tire treatment / process for Rodents / rats control.

A successful rodent, control program includes a combination of baiting and trapping for the highest rate of success. If the population is large, we begin with quality rodent bait to quickly knockdown the population and prevent their growth. There are different types of baits to choose from: blocks, seeds, rodent population are different in their preferences, so little of each is a good choice in bait selection.

Rodent Activity Observation:

Following things are critically looked during monitoring / observation to have a proper evidence of rats infestation:

  • Rodent droppings, webbing from moths in foods, live or dead rats.
  • Damage including gnawing marks in food, wood or plaster
  • Holes in boxes or the structure chewed cardboard or paper
  • Spillage’s adjacent to sacks of food and footprints in dry powder.
  • Rodents smear (black greasy marks) around pipes and holes.

Preventive Measures for Rodents Control:

  • Reduction of available food (prevent/ remove spoiled, broken materials, bags or sacks) and water
  • Reduction of available harbor places (remove / repair possible breeding places, such as holes, idle equipment, congested and disorderly areas.
  • Doors will be maintained closed not more than 6mm openings. Outside doors will be closely fitted with the floor.
  • All the outside emergency doors will be fitted internal crash bar openers and will have no opening mechanism from outside.
  • All doors with outside opening will have brush strips fitted at the bathroom.
  • Damaged and waste material of Zia Uddin Hospital will be removed on regular basis.
  • FIFO (First in First Out) will be followed and all the food will be kept in the sealed containers.
  • Garbage will be disposed-off in sealed plastic bags.
  • Cable ducts will be monthly inspected by electrical department along with the PCO.
  • Control will be made intensified in the breeding season (spring) of rats.

For Cages & Bait Stations

  • Check cage, if found missing or damaged, replace it with new one.
  • If any rodents are trapped, dispose of as per standard rodent disposal procedure.
  • Record number of trapped rodents on the sheet and get it verified.
  • Remove old fruit with fresh one after every 6 to 7 days or as & when required.
  • Check bait station, replace if found damage or missing
  • Clean bait station & Cage with dry cloth to remove dust
  • Collect the spilled bait, if any and dispose of as per standard procedure.
  • Dispose of rodent as per standard procedure.


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