BedBugs Control


Bed bugs are the real headache for people. They exist specially in that places where you sleep and take rest. They are basically a flat, reddish-brown and oval-shaped insects whose length is 4 to 5 mm. You can say that the size of an apple seed. Either you have your home, office, hotel or any place; they exist there and create a real problem for you. Specially the biggest city of Karachi where they are quite common and people want their solution. They always think that how to repel bed bugs?

But Vetgen has the answer of this question. We have all kinds of bed bug pesticides and insecticides available at very reasonable rates. We understand that your bedbug problem is our problem. That’s why we created a team of professionals which can do free inspection for you and give the best suggestion and advice. Our bed bug control spray and other insecticides provide you a rapid and satisfactory result. This is the reason why Vetgen is the first choice of the public of Karachi

Bed Bug Pre-Treatment Procedures:

Always keep in mind the basic safety procedures from bed bugs. They are given below:

  • Infested Linens and Garments
  • Reduce Clutter
  • Remove your Drawers from Desks
  • Clean Your Area
  • Caulk and Seal
  • Disassemble Bed Frames


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